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Gambling at an online sports betting or daily fantasy sports website is a risky proposition. The hosting website receives a percentage of the action, meaning the odds are stacked against any reader who chooses to bet on the outcome of sporting events. Any loss of money which occurs from daily or weekly fantasy sports activities are the sole responsibility of those spending money to enter heads-up contests, leagues, or tournaments.

How We Collect and Use Information

In the course of offering information and services at SportsClash, the owner might collect visitor information. In the paragraphs below, readers will find our privacy policies regarding how and why we obtain user information on this website.

SportsClash may collect several types of information about visitors. This could include, but is not restricted to:

Information You Provide Directly

If the owner asks you to register an account, we’ll ask for personal information like a first name, last name, address, phone number, birthdate, username, and e-mail address.

We might retain any messages sent by you to us through email or posts submitted through comments features on this site. SportsClash collects this information to maintain and operates the features and functionality on this site. If you make a post on this site, know that the information you provide may be made public, if you choose to disclose it. If you choose to disclose your real name, that name might be published. If you publish your username or real name, you may not ask for it to be removed.


When you visit SportsClash, we may send one or more cookies to your computer to uniquel identify your web browser. This cookie is tiny text file with a unique string of letters and numbers. This code is used to help an operating system log-in faster than it otherwise could. This also helps visitors navigate a site faster and more efficiently than would otherwise be possible. This cookie can be used to collect information, incuding links clicked, pages visited, and other actions on the site. These cookies are used to track visitor usage over tie, but also to make a person’s visit to the blog more pleasant, informative, and useful.

Those who do not wnat persistent cookies on their computer can remove these by following the directions provided by your web browser. If you do not know how to do this, visit the help page on your browser’s official website.

If you use “session cookies”, then the cookies are temporary and disappear as soon as you close your browswer. At any time, you can set your web browser to refuse cookies or signal to you when a cookie is being sent. This gives you the ability to refuse cookies on a one-on-one basis. Those who choose to remove cookies should note that some features of the site won’t work as quickly or as well. It is your decision.

Analytics Information

This website will at times collect analytics data either from you or a third-party service which collects analytics. This is done for the purpose of measuring web traffic and demographic trends involving our users.

The information the owner collects might including your IP address or general location, the pages of the site you visit, the number of pages you visit, the landing page where you first entered the site, your exit page, how long you stayed on a particular page, how many times you’ve visited the page, and other information which might be used to improve the information we provide as a service.

We collect and use analytics information in aggregate form, so visitors should know that it cannot and will not be used to identify a particular user of this website.

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