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Carson Palmer

Arizona Cardinals Quarterback

Not long ago, Carson Palmer was seen as a former #1 draft pick who never quite reached his potential. He had retired from the Cincinnati Bengals amid a bitter contract dispute. Then he returned to the Oakland Raiders and was lackluster. Then he went to the Arizona Cardinals, flashed something special, and went out for the season.

Now, Carson Palmer is leading the Cardinals to an NFC West title and appears to be putting together a special season. The question is whether this is the latest tease, or is 2015 the season the former Trojan finally cements his legacy.

Carson Palmer Stats

Height: 6’5″
Weight: 235
College: USC Trojans
Age: 35
Years Pro: 13
Team: Arizona Cardinals
Round Drafted: 1st – Pick: 1
Jersey Number: 3
Twitter Page: @CarsonPalmer

Carson Palmer Quotes

Carson Palmer - Arizona Cardinals QB

No single active NFL quarterback has more dramatic-looking photos than Carson Palmer.

Carson Palmer is considered by some to be arrogant and out-of-touch, mainly due to his decision to walk away from the Cincinnati Bengals.

My guess is he got tired of dealing with Mike Brown, the Bengals owner who inherited the franchise from his legendary father, Paul Brown.

After 20 years as an NFL GM (and 17 out of 18 of those missing the playoffs), it seems like Mike Brown has (finally) figured something out in Cincinnati. Too bad Carson Palmer left before those lessons were learned. I wouldn’t judge Palmer too harshly on his time with the Bengals, because that kind of futility would have driven most of use crazy.

Instead, let’s just him on his current NFL results, and maybe the quotes he’s offered over the years. Here are some of the most quotable quotes from the well-traveled veteran quarterback of the Arizona Cardinals:

Whoever controls the line of scrimmage and wins up front is going to be the winner.

A lot of teams come out and try to play the same way if they beat you before with the same defense, the same coverages. Sometimes they do that and sometimes they change it up. You’re not sure what to expect. But you need to do what you do very well and not worry about exactly what they’re trying to do or what they’re trying to get you with.

On Improvement

You learn from the good, you learn from the bad.

You can always get better.

There’s a point in everyone’s career where they’re not going to be playing as well as they should be. You just have to keep you confidence and not hang your head and realize that you’re going to figure it out and that you’re going to get better and that you’re going to learn. Learn from all your mistakes.

On Golf

The one place where I can relax is on the golf course with my teammates and buddies, assuming I’m hitting the golf ball well. If I’m not, well, that is another story.

On the Media

The media attention…It’s only good when your winning, but when you’re winning, it’s great. When you’re losing around here, you’re a complete bum.

On Giving Back to the Community

It feels good to give your fans something to feel good about.

I personally believe that professional athletes should give back to their communities in any way possible. We are in a position to make a difference.

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