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Blake Bortles

Jags 2nd Year QB

Ask most NFL fans and they would not place Blake Bortles in the Top 10 of quarterbacks.

Most observant fantasy football owners have realized Bortles is sitting in the Top 10 of their league rankings, at least in most scoring systems.

Sensible FF owners realize there is a difference between elite in real world pro football and NFL fantasy football. They also realize elite status is often a matter of circumstances in the franchise around them.

Blake Bortles Fantasy Football Stats

Blake Bortles - Jacksonville Jaguars QB

Bortles looks like he came from Central Casting for an NFL quarterback role.

Place Blake Bortles in an NFL city with a Top 10 real world defense and he might well be getting accolades right now. Pair him with a Top 5 defense and he almost certainly would be getting major press for his growth from Season 1 to Season 2.

Since he’s playing in one of the smallest markets for one of the perennial dregs of the league, Blake Bortles is still considered a lesser quarterback in the league right now.

If the Jacksonville Jaguars can put together a solid team around their young star, this is a young player who could rise in the real world rankings very quickly.

Blake Bortles GF

For the time being, I wouldn’t cry too much for the young passer out of Central Florida. He’s playing in his home state, making millions of dollars, building rapport with a bevy of young wide receivers, and dating a blonde hot enough to get more Google clicks than he does. (Scratch that: Sources say Bortles dumped Lindsey Duke during the 2014 season. The two dated since high school, so I thought it might last. Alas.)

Oh well, such is love. Whatever the case, Blake Bortles is living the good life, and he’s got upside. The good life could get a whole lot better.

Let’s get on to football talk.

Profile of Blake Bortles

Height: 6’5″
Weight: 245
College: UCF Knights (Central Florida)
Age: 23
Years Pro: 2
Team: Jacksonville Jaguars
Round Drafted: 1st – Pick: 3
Jersey Number: 5
Twitter Page: @BBortles5

Black Bortles Quotes

I don’t now what’s wrong with you if you don’t take the challenge and go compete.

On Fans Criticizing Play Calls

It’s like kindergartners saying something to college kids.

I think it’s unbelievably hard to appreciate. You talk all the time about coaches in the stands at any sport at any level it’s going to happen. Knowing [Greg Olson] and knowing what he goes through on a week and how much he prepares he’s got us ready and a perfect plan each week.

On Questions about His Ex-Girlfriend, Lindsey Duke

Nothing was really that bad. I got a couple girlfriend questions. If I had one, some awkward…[they asked] if we come to town will she be there for dinner and stuff like that.

Lindsey Duke - Blake Bortles Girlfriend

Lindsey Duke often got more press than Bortles did in the run-up to the NFL Draft. Maybe he didn’t like that.

They knew going into the meeting and I think that was kind of the angle to see how I react to that.

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