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MMA Fighters

UFC Champions, Challengers, and Contenders

This page is going to offer bios and scouting profiles of the MMA fighters. I’ll focus mainly on the Ultimate Fighting Championship, because the UFC is the primary source of entertainment for mainstream MMA fans.

If any major fighters begin to get buzz from one of the other promotions, I might feature them, which is why I call this “MMA fighters” and not “UFC fighters”  This is never likely to feature the kind of database that some sites which dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to the fight game. Sports is an expansive subject, so I could never devote time to all these other subjects, as well as MMA.

Also, I want to focus on fighters in DraftKings events. I’d like to have a page on each of the playable fights in the upcoming UFC 193, which is likely to be the first event I’ll cover. I’ve entered a contest for the UFC Fight Night 76 on October 24 from Dublin, but I doubt I’ll be able to feature those fighters in the next week. I’m a freelance writer in my day job, so I’ve got to pay the bills.

For now, I offer two fighters whom you might have heard about recently: Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm.

MMA Fighters

Ronda Rousey
Holly Holm

I know, I’m late to the dance. Bear with me and I’ll catch up to the beat soon enough.

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