Below is some of the key injury information from Week 2. This should affect what kind of starting lineups you fill out in the Week 3 daily fantasy football contests.

In no particular order, here are a few injury notes for your consideration. I’ll be posting Week 3 sleeper picks on Wednesday, when NFL teams release their league-mandated injury updates.

For now, here’s some injury information that might help you fill-out early DFS contests, or help in your local league’s waiver wire process. The early free agent advice is to add Mike Davis, who might be starting for the 49ers this weekend at halfback.

Devonta Freeman Gets a Boost

Devonta Freeman should get a boost in your fantasy rankings for Week 3 and Week 4. Starting Falcons runner Tevin Coleman went out in the 2nd Quarter of Sunday’s game with the Giants with a fractured rib. Adam Scheffter says Coleman is expected to miss 2 weeks, though this has not been confirmed.

Devonta Freeman was the main runner when Coleman left the game. In fact, the team ran Freeman at the goal line, and even went back to the diminutive running back when he failed to score on the first attempt. The two players were splitting time before the injury, but Coleman had just scored a touchdown on a previous series and looked to be the goal line option.

Eddie Lacy Should Be Active

Eddie Lacy left Sunday’s game versus the Seattle Seahawks with a sprained ankle, but the injury is not thought to be serious. Lacy was able to avoid the dreaded high ankle sprain, which usually ruins a fantasy football player’s value for a month.

Carlos Hyde Has a Leg Contusion

Carlos Hyde has become one of the trendy picks in early 2015. He helped a couple of daily fantasy owners win a million dollars in Week 1 of the season. But owners might have to tap the breaks on their Hyde plays in Week 3. After reportedly suffering a concussion early in the 2nd Half, he ended up missing the final 25 minutes of the game on Sunday with a leg contusion.

Fans should be happy, though. Carlos Hyde appeared to have injured his ACL earlier in the game on the play he likely had the injury, when his leg bent in a strange fashion while getting hit by a safety on a sweep to his left. It’s a miracle nothing happened on that play, and owners should still be holding their breaths as they await word. Also, teams should rush out to add Mike Davis, as other owners add Jarryd Hayne.

That beings me to some fantasy advice…

Mike Davis, RB Niners, Week 3 Sleeper Pick

Mike Davis is an early sleeper pick for Week 3. The 49ers play the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, whose defense has given up big yards the first two weeks. It became obvious that Mike Davis is the primary backup to Carlos Hyde. He played in over 30 plays after Hyde left the game, while Jarryd Hayne stepped on the field only 4 times.

Mike Davis looked good in preseason. There was talk he would be cut and go on the Practice Squad, but the Reggie Bush injury assured he would stay active. In fact, Mike Davis wasn’t ever likely to go to the Practice Squad, because Jarryd Hayne is still not ready to be a starter in the NFL–he’s still a raw talent.

Keep an eye on the Reggie Bush and Carlos Hyde situations. Both could be cleared to play in Week 3, and that could effect how much Mike Davis plays. But Davis should be a cheap play on FanDuel and DraftKings, and he could be the starter.

Arian Foster Is “Day-to-Day”

Arian Foster is the dreaded day-to-day designation. That means he could play in Week 3, or he could still be listed day-to-day 6 weeks from now. The Texans are 0-2 and need their star runner to add production to a bad offense. At the least, they need someone that defenses have to account for. Alfred Blue has been awful and Jonathan Grimes not much better.

With quarterbacks like Ryan Mallett and Brian Hoyer, the Houston Texans were built to win with a running game and a good defense. When the running game is bad, the team has little chance of winning. The lack of a run game means the defense gets tired, which knocks another pillar out from under team’s strategy.

The team needs Arian Foster badly. Also, this is one fantasy owners need to happen quickly. If the team goes 0-5 after tough games against the Falcons and Colts, then it might make sense to hold out Arian Foster until after the Week 9 bye. And if he gets held out that long, it might make sense not to rush him at all, if the season is lost.

Week 3 is a huge game in the Arian Foster 2015 Story. The team plays the lowly Tampa Bay Buccaneers. With Atlanta and Indianapolis on the schedule after that, it’s a must-win if the team is going to have any realistic chance of being a division contender. They need all hands on board, which should tell you how far the Texans have fallen, if they need that against the Bucs.

Tony Romo Out at Least 8 Weeks

Tony Romo is expected to be out at least 8 weeks with a broken collarbone. Unless the team absolutely needs him for the Thanksgiving Day Game versus the Dolphins, I’d expect to see him get another 10 days rest before a return. In other words, he’s out until early December. The bets go out on whether Romo or Dez return first.

Do Your Dare Start Brandon Weeden?

Brandon Weedan is going to be a starting QB candidate in leagues this weekend, but without Dez Bryant on the field, I doubt he’ll be a very popular one. It’s funny how the team looked so loaded a year ago. Without Dez Bryant or Demarco Murray in the lineup, it looks like a bunch of guys. Sure, Jason Witten is still a big name, but he’s lost most of his athleticism. Everyone else is just an NFL player.

Sam Bradford Looked Awful

Sam Bradford is healthy, but he might as well have been injured, for all the good it did him. As a Cowboys fan, I was happy to see the Eagles struggle, especially after Romo went out of the game and I realized the Cowboys needed as many wins in their back pocket as possible.

The Eagles fans have made me laugh with their reactions to Chip Kelly’s 2015 Eagles Squad. I saw a video of one fan’s reaction to the Monday night loss to the Falcons, so I had to post it.

Lorenzo Taliaferro: Fantasy Vulture

I should warn owners that Lorenzo Taliaferro is suddenly a major fantasy football points vulture. Like many other owners, I started Justin Forsett this last weekend in a Millionaire Maker Event. That seemed reasonable, since the Oakland Raiders were his opponent and they were looking awful this year.

Unfortunately, Lorenzo Taliaferro played just 8 snap fewer than Forsett on the day. Everyone figured he might get short yardage and goal line carries here or there, but the Ravens were playing from behind and Taliaferro was getting snaps in the hurry-up offense, too. For those who view Justin Forsett as a gloryfied third down back in a starting runner’s role, well, it’s a mystery that the Forsett wouldn’t be out there every down.

Avoid Justin Forsett until we get a little bit of clarity on this subject. If you can’t start Forsett in a high-scoring game versus the Raiders, you can’t start him anytime.

Jay Cutler Should Play Week 3

Jay Cutler should be the Chicago Bears’ week 3 starter, after he left the game with a hamstring injury. He injured his hammy running to make a tackle on a pick-6 interception. Coach John Fox said Cutler’s injury isn’t that severe.

Of course, I’m not recommending you start Jay Cutler in Week 3. The Bears play the Seattle Seahawks, who are going to be looking for serious retribution after having gone 0-2 to start the season. I expect the Seahawks-Bears game to be a major blowout in Week 3.

IDP Injuries of Note

On the IDP front, Kiko Alonso has another knee injury and isn’t like to play for a few weeks. His injury might be more severe.

Stay tuned for more information. I’ll add to this post throughout the week, as more injury information becomes known. When the Week 2 contests finish tonight, I plan on analyzing the first two weeks of the million-dollar events on FanDuel and DraftKings and trying to pick out some patterns. I’ll post my findings as soon as I can.