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Welcome to the world of Daily Fantasy Sports. On this blog, I want to do two things: write a guide to the daily fantasy sports in general and make a record of my daily fantasy contests.

At times, I might write about fantasy sports in general. The yearly leagues are what I’ve done the most and I have a lot of theories. As time goes by and I play more daily contests, I’ll offer tweaks and additional thoughts.

Playing the Match-Ups

DraftKings LogoDaily fantasy sports is a game for the micro-manager in fantasy leagues. Those owners who draft a team and set a similar lineup each week are not going to do well. One-day fantasy football is about match-ups and injuries. So is daily fantasy baseball.

When you play daily baseball contests and one-day hockey contests, you’ll need to take into account the starting pitchers and the goalie.

I’ll discuss that in much greater detail later, but I want those coming to this site to know up front that DFS gaming is about instant and up-to-the-minute decisions. Plug-and-play strategies do not work, for the most part.

Maybe I’m getting a bit ahead of myself. Let’s give an overview of the newest and best way to enjoy our hobby.

Daily Fantasy Sports

Daily fantasy sports is a booming pastime for Americans. 5 years ago, the hobby hardly existed. Now, professional fantasy sports betters make a living at DFS. Smart businessmen have turned FanDuel and DraftKings into big business, with major corporations like NBC becoming investors. USA Today and Sports Illustrated have launched their own daily fantasy sites to compete for customers.

I was one of the first online fantasy sports gamblers. Back in 2008, I was playing fantasy baseball on Fantasy Sports Live. The player community was still tiny at the time. I remember there were two guys who were in virtually every contest. Those guys were good, too, damned good. Eventually, the site was bought out, though it still exists in one fashion or the other.

Fantasy Sports Live was a little ahead of its time. Here in late 2014, daily fantasy is blowing up. I was having lunch the other day with Matthew, a member of my local fantasy football league, and he asked the guys at the table, “Do you guys play daily fantasy football?” In my mind, Matthew is the average American male. When he’s asking about DFS, I know it’s hitting the mainstream.

I’ve decided to join the mainstream.

What Will SportsClash Do?

SportsClash is my attempt to keep my pulse on the online fantasy sports community. I’m going to start playing in contests (called “leagues”) and report back on what happens. Maybe I’ll do good. Maybe I’ll stink. I intend on playing every type of contests available, as time happens. I’ll focus on FanDuel and DraftKings first, but I want to report on all the other options out there, in due time. I want to play in heads-up contests, 50/50 games, tournaments, and whatever else there is to find. I want to play in NFL contests, National League and American League events, NHL and NBA winter games, NCAA football and basketball–pretty much everything. I want the full experience.

Once I start to figure out this new hobby, I’ll offer my insights. I’ve written about fantasy football online many times. I’ve written about sports betting, poker, blackjack, and just about anything gaming related. Most of these games, I have theories on how to win and even devised strategies for winning. In time, I want to devise my suggested tactics for winning at daily fantasy sports. When I say I’m joining the mainstream, I don’t want to follow the pack when it comes to strategies. I want to learn in the school of hard knocks, figure out what works and what doesn’t, and discuss those observations with my readers. I want to give informal, insightful commentary to all my buddies on the Internet.

For the time being, I want to provide an overview of the daily fantasy sports scene. They told us back in college to define our terms. For that reason, I want to provide a glossary of terms, a steady stream of news updates, and more theories about winning than most fans can absorb. I’m a bit of a mad scientist when it comes to fantasy sports, so please join me in the lab.

NFL Football: Weekly Fantasy Contests

It’s NFL season and my #1 sport is NFL football, so that’s going to be a big part of the focus, especially here at first. I feel most comfortable talking about pro football. Most of the visitors to this site are going to be focused on the National Football League right now.

NFL gaming is better defined as weekly fantasy sports, but that’s semantics. Every Sunday, millions of Americans stare at their computer screen, waiting for their league scores to update. The same can be said for the 1 million or so people gambling on daily fantasy football. The only difference is the payouts are instantaneous, while you break up the team every Monday morning. If you’re local fantasy team sucks this year, then DFF should be where you focus your energies. (Note: Continue to start a lineup in your local league. Other guys are focusing on the playoffs and they need you to beat their rivals. Keep playing or they’ll come to your home.)

NBA Basketball: Daily Hoops

NBA games are taking place right now, as well. Fantasy basketball uses a 9 player starting lineup, including one center, two power forwards, two small forwards, two shooting guards, and two point guards. This is much different than what you might find in a yearly fantasy basketball league. Those leagues often do like Rotisserie baseball, requiring you to win statistical categories like points, rebounds, and assists. The FanDuel and DraftKings contests play out more like fantasy football.

NHL Hockey: Daily Matches

Also taking place right now are the professional hockey contests. I haven’t played in these yet, but the set-up is much like the NBA games. That’s good, because you get to play with a starting lineup, instead of trying to build up stats over the course of a week. These are head-to-head contests between teams using a salary cap.

MLB Baseball: The Grand Old Game

Baseball is America’s oldest major team sport. The Cincinnati Reds began in 1866, just one year after the Civil War ended. By the time the 2016 Major League Baseball season begins, we’ll begin our expansive coverage of the MLB teams, players, and DFS trends.

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