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Deposit Bonus and Depositors Freeroll

To start my brand new daily fantasy sports hobby, I decided to sign up for FanDuel. Eventually, I’ll sign up for DraftKings and maybe a few other sites.

Below is a description of the registration process. I just went through this and decided to take notes on each step of the process, so other people considering FanDuel might get an idea of what they’re in for.

Depending on how cautious/analytical you are, the process can take 5 minutes or 2 hours. Because I was taking notes, reading the disclaimers, and signing up for a first contest, it took me an hour or more.

It’s really easy, though, and most people will get started in under 10 minutes. Here’s how my signup went, along with details on the FanDuel deposit bonus promotions.

FanDuel Deposit Bonus

Like online casinos and poker rooms, new depositors receive a deposit bonus, also known as a welcome bonus or match bonus. You don’t have much time to claim this, so remember to claim your bonus before time runs out. You have 10 minutes to do so. The free deposit bonus allows you to start winning real cash today.

Remember that your deposit bonus unlocks over time. you can read more about it through a link on the signup page. You also can asks questions from Since bonuses are earned over time, the deposit bonus has been paid into my “pending bonus account” and is released as I play.

$10 Deposit
You Get: A Free $3
30% Bonus

$25 Deposit
You Get: A Free $11.25
45% Bonus

$100 Deposit
You Get: A Free $60
60% Bonus

$200 Deposit
You Get: A Free $150
75% Bonus

I chose option #3, where I paid $100 and received a bonus $60. I decided I could have received more with the $200 payment, but knowing myself, that would have escalated the amount I wagered on each weekly contest. This is an experiment in gambling on fantasy sports, so I want to stay reasonable with my disposable income.

It could turn out that there’s a learning curve for daily fantasy sports. I sometimes get cute with my lineups, out-thinking myself in trying to find good deals, instead of top players. So I’ll start with sane amounts of wagers.

Payment Methods

Payment methods are Paypal, VISA, MasterCard, and Discover card. Many of my clients pay me through PayPal, so I just moved money over from my PayPal. If you own a VISA, MasterCard, or Discover Card, you probably know all about those payment methods already.

PayPal is the preferred payment method on Ebay, because Ebay owns PayPal. Among all the US web wallets or electronic cash transfer services, I consider it the safest. FanDuel also offers free practice games, for those who are still unsure.

100% Guarantee Money Back

If you don’t love FanDuel, you can ask for your money back–no questions asked. Lose your first contest, contact FanDuel for a refund (max $100), and you’ll receive your money back.

DFS competitors differ on which services they prefer. FanDuel is the simplest for newbies, because they have a standard salary cap and few player positions.

DraftKings is for more hardcore players, because it offers more salary cap options and more lineup options with flex players. Also, DraftKings offers golf, tennis, MMA, and other sports you won’t find on FanDuel.

Enough of the DraftKings vs FanDuel comparisons. Let’s discuss the freerolls on FanDuel.

Entry to the Weekly Freeroll

I don’t know much about the “Weekly Freeroll”, so I’ll reserve comment on it. I was directed to the Depositors Freeroll, which I assume is the same offer. I’ll discuss it in the section below.

Depositors Freeroll – $1000 in Cash Prizes

A new player is allowed into the Depositors Freeroll, where $1,000 in cash prizes are offered. The day after you sign-up for the site, players receive a link to their contest in the email.

Rookie Contests

New depositors also have the option of playing in “Rookie Contests” against other new signups. These are 50/50 contests with other players like yourself. The people I’m playing might be old veterans in traditional fantasy football, but they just joined the daily fantasy football phenomenon. To win cash, you have to finish in the top half of the draw. Four different tiers are offered.

The first Rookie NFL 50/50 League has 20 players with a $2 entry fee for each. The prize pool is $36, and it begins this Sunday at 1:00 pm Eastern Time. The second Rookie NFL 50/50 League also has 20 contestants, but the entry is $5 and the prize pool is $90.

The third option is the Rookie NFL 50/50 League, which has 20 players paying $10 apiece. The prize pool here is $180. Once again, play starts at 1pm ET, which is 12:00pm Central Time or 10am Pacific Time. The fourth and final Rookie Contest play option has 20 players paying $25 apiece. The prize pool here is a whopping $450. Notice that each of these offer 18x the amount spent, so the payout percentage is 90%, with FanDuel receiving a 10% commission. In honesty, there’s nothing any different about these contests than those you play later, except you’ll be able to play against a bunch of other newbie competitors.

Rookie Contest Starting Lineup

Read on the “Rookie Contest Starting Lineup” post about my first contest on FanDuel. This should be the first of a running log of games that I play throughout the year. I’m excited to see how I do.