Chris Johnson Signs with Cardinals

Chris Johnson's Weird Tattoo

That Is a Really Creepy Looking Tattoo, Chris

The Arizona Cardinals signed Chris Johnson to a one-year contract today. The signing provides the Cardinals with a veteran backup to Andre Ellington, who fought through several nagging injuries in 2014. Since many wonder whether Ellington is durable enough to be an every-down NFL running back, the Chris Johnson signing is intriguing.

The deal complicates matters for those who have Marion Grice on their dynasty league team, or who were considering drafting 3rd-round draft pick David Johnson in the late stages of a redraft league. Chris Johnson likely signed to be the backup. In dynasty leagues, David Johnson remains a viable draft pick, while Marion Grice would be considered a deep sleeper at best.

Chris Johnson’s Fantasy Football Impact

I would not imagine the Chris Johnson signing is going to have too much impact, unless Andre Ellington gets injured. Even if that happens, I’m not sure how much of a factor Chris Johnson is going to be.

Believe me, I had Chris Johnson on a dynasty team way back in 2009, when he ran for 2,000 yards. Like all CJ owners at the time, I was a huge fan. Frankly, I thought I was going to have a perennial star on my dynasty league team.

Five Years of Mediocrity

Since then, Chris Johnson has been a fantasy disappointment. That’s 5 years of disappointment. When it comes to running backs, 5 years is an eternity.

Five years later and I’m still not sure what really happened. Some people thought he got a contract and didn’t want to sell out his health to be great. Some thought Johnson tried to bulk up and lost his speed.

Others simply thought Chris Johnson’s body never recovered from the pounding of the 2000-yard season. That might have been the case, because he is smallish for an every-down NFL running back. Whatever the case, it never helped that the Tennessee Titans had chronic trouble at the quarterback position and terrible offensive line play.

RGIII Claims He’s the Best

Speaking of chronic quarterback troubles and terrible O-line play, the Washington Redskins are back in the news. This time, RGIII was on DC-area radio station, WJLA, giving an interview. During cross-talk, he claimed to be the best quarterback in the NFL, despite being a dismal failure the past couple of years (while Andrew Luck, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, and about 20-25 other QBs were better).

In Washington, Robert Griffin III claimed this week that he considers himself the best quarterback in the NFL. The Skins quarterback would seem to be having a break from reality, given the ample evidence to the contrary.

While it is nice for players to have confidence, people cannot improve their flaws until they recognize they have those flaws. Assuming you are the best QB in the league when most experts have you rated between #25 and #30 out of 32 passers is a problem. Frankly, it shows no awareness of one’s plight, which might be part of the problem.

Robert Griffin’s Full Quote

Griffin’s full quote from the WJLA interview is this: “I don’t feel like I have to come out here and show anybody anything or why I’m better than this guy or better than that guy. It’s more about going out and affirming that for me, I go out and I play, I know I’m the best quarterback on this team. I feel like I’m the best quarterback in the league and I have to go out and show that.

When seen in its entirety, the quote is not nearly as arrogant or inflammatory as the ESPN article made it seem. You can see his point; if you think you’re inferior, then you’re pretty much inferior.

At the same time, a player can steer away from those comments. Part of being humble is avoiding the obvious traps. RGIII needs to attend a public relations seminar.